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since over 70 years!

PPC “GRYF” S.A. is a leading producer of industrial products derived from processing of cocoa beans: chocolates, compounds, various coatings and fillings, cocoa mass and cocoa powder. In our customer portfolio you can find recognized domestic and foreign companies.

The uniqueness of our production lies in control of the entire production cycle: from cocoa beans to final product. Cocoa beans used for our production comes exclusively from the 66 thousand farmers from Ivory Coast, where we work together to maintain the continuous quality of the raw material.

PPC “GRYF” S.A. since 2007, is part of the French Cemoi Group, a world leader in the processing of cocoa beans.

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and couvertures
Ice cream toppings

Establishment of a factory as a company specializing in the processing of cocoa beans. The main production was focused on chocolates and chocolate assortment.


As part of the specialization, "Gryf" started cooperative activity, which initiated the mass production of couvertures, cocoa butter and cocoa powder and ensured the company the title of the leader on the domestic market in the confectionery industry.


These are years of intensive modernization of the enterprise. In consultation and cooperation with the best, renowned world producers of devices and equipment for the chocolate industry, a whole series of technical and technological changes have been introduced.

At the same time, due to the change in business strategy, the production of retail assortment was withdrawn. Since the late 90's, GRYF is producing only products targeted at the industrial sector.


PPC "GRYF" S.A., is part of the French Cemoi Group - a leading chocolate manufacturer in the world.