Our values



We are cooperating with Ivory Coast planters for over 20 years. In 2015 we re-grouped all of our commitments across the network into our Transparence Cacao program. Our vision is to propose cocoa which is generating value added and profit for all members of the cocoa network. This program is based on 4 quality priorities: traceability, aromatic quality, the planters’ standard of living and the environment.

Our team

We are very committed to preserving all of our team members’ know-how while encouraging an innovating approach as a means of guaranteeing our longevity.


We are committed into reducing our environmental impact on our cocoa production centers and our chocolate factories.

Within the Transparence Cacao program, we have implemented measures to protect forests and respect the natural environment, as well as to preserve the biodiversity of cocoa producing countries.

The goal is also to reduce energy consumption in all production plants belonging to the Group.